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A Miracle!
I have worked in the past with 5 attorneys (with 4 lawsuits). Long story, adverse possession, real estate covenant, invasion of privacy and just plain civil dispute. We've been to the appellate court twice! Never in all my years have I once had an attorney say the following: "I want to get you the most bang for the buck - in the least expensive way possible" - until now! After a phone call, this is the attorney I want! Had a property dispute with a neighbor (I cannot more highly recommend getting a survey also). Talked to Cindy. She had great advice to help guide us! Great advice like, "if they move the property, consider that a win", she helps you in times of extreme stress and anger to 'see the forest through the trees....' I was very kind but firm with the neighbors using Cindy's recommendation. Neighbors panicked and are doing everything possible to please us. I don't feel I will ever go to another attorney again after such an honest, ethical, smart and helpful attorney! I am almost scared to write this review as I don't want her to be too busy for us in the future! Believe ALL the reviews, call and see for yourself! 🙂


An honest, upright attorney
During my initial consult, Ms. Johnson pointed out a small detail of my case that would have made it difficult to proceed further. Thank you so much for your honest opinion and advice!


Sincerely the best attorney
I found her through legal services when my domestic partner filed yet another spurious lawsuit against me. I had worked with Skellenger Bender in the first round. Big bucks no resolution. I met Ms Johnson and we clicked. So friendly, thoughtful, professional. I asked for a quick solution and she found it. So grateful for her and her Assistant Ellen.


Superior Rating for Acebedo & Johnson Firm
Our experience with this firm from day one has been excellent. My opinion extends to the entire office staff who are all extremely courteous and helpful people. We had a difficult situation with a non-communicative entity in the onset but with time, Ms. Johnson skillfully launched a plan that eventually led us to an impressive financial settlement plus she successfully negotiated a long-term contract for a substantial amount of money with a billion dollar corporation. Yes, she appears to be a gentle and calm dispositioned woman but there's a raging spirit within her who will not be intimidated by powerful big business and she will continually fight and strategize until you succeed in your cause. This case took almost 2 years to conclude but one of the most fortunate and wise things I've ever done in business was to hire Ms. Johnson.


Acebedo & Johnson are the BEST!
Cindy Johnson represented me during the arbitration phase of a lawsuit against the builder of a new construction home that I purchased in 2014. The lawsuit was originally filed in June 2015 by my former attorney, Forrest Carlson. When Ms Johnson took over the case in January 2017 (a year and a half in) there was a lot of information for her to get caught up on. Ms Johnson did not miss a beat! I was amazed by how quickly she was able to sort through the many issues in my complaint and familiarize herself with the case. It was almost like she was there from the beginning in 2014. She was very thorough when she reviewed the hundreds of documents forwarded to her by my former attorney. Ms Johnson clearly explained to me what to expect during arbitration. I just can't say enough about what a great job Ms Johnson and her team- Mr Acebedo, Adam and Shawn did for my case. I was the prevailing party against a builder that was represented by a high powered law firm located in downtown Seattle. Ms. Johnson is highly experienced, and is a very knowledgeable construction defect attorney. Ms Johnson stuck to the relevant facts in my case. She worked very hard to prepare for the arbitration hearing and her hard work resulted in me being awarded a judgement that covered all fees and cost. I am very pleased with the outcome. I am forever grateful that I found Acebedo & Johnson. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking hard working attorneys with a high level of integrity. Acebedo & Johnson will represent you well. I could not be happier to have this three year nightmare behind me, but most of all I'm so very pleased to be the prevailing party thanks to Acebedo & Johnson. It's intimidating to file a lawsuit against a developer that is financially well established in a municipality where the developer has a lot of influence and friends at City Hall, but with the right legal team you can prevail. Thank you- Ms Johnson, Mr Acebedo, Adam and Shawn for everything!


Great Attorney
I have seeked assistance in my natter and I am very pleased with the work the Acebedo and Johnson Law Firm performed for me. Pleasant to work with, everything is done in the timely manner. I was informed about updates and the plan.Thank you. I would recommend this firm to everyone. They went through pages and pages and seems like they were on top of the case. Thank you again. Calm and humble, however, to the point and thorough. They had the job done.


Excellent client representation
Ms. Johnson and her associates were great to work with. Their communication is outstanding and they placed a high level of importance on my case. Their services exceeded my expectations.


When I first met Cindy she seemed meek and timid. Don't let her mild manner fool you. She's assertive, authoritative, and five steps ahead of the opposition. She and her firm handled a contract issue for me. She and the other attorneys and staff in her firm use a collaborative approach that produced outstanding results for me. She's worth twice what you'll pay, even if your issue ends up going to court and costing thousands. If you go to Tacoma or Seattle for an attorney expect to pay twice what you'll pay her and not receive the quality of service and results.


A Positive Review for Cindy Johnson Acebedo
Ms. Johnson Acebedo has helped us with business issues as well as our personal estate planning needs. We have been clients for several years. She is a careful listener and thorough in her answers and recommendations. She is conscientious about follow-up. We are confident we are getting the advice and support we need from her.


Cindy Johnson Acebedo Review
Cindy has assisted me with various questions and consultations regarding personal and business concerns. She has always been trustworthy and honest with me regarding each set of circumstances. Her level of service and follow through has been top of the line and very professional. I highly recommend her and her office.


Ms. Johnson has my Thanks and Recommendation
Myself and my neighbors were involved in a dispute with the corporation bordering our properties. The city we live in had given the corporation the right to buy property unrestricted and once they bought the property the zoning changed from residential to commercial on the property purchased. In other words the owner could not sell it as commercial property, but once it was purchased by the one corporation in town that could buy the property for use as commercial property it became commercial property. This was a very high profile case that was in the news paper three times. Ms. Johnson stopped the expansion of the corporation in our residential neighborhood, helped set up a one hour parking restriction for non residents on our streets so the residents and not the corporation could park in front of our homes she also worked with the city on having the corporation build an 8 foot wall between the corporation and our homes.


I wouild not hesitate to work with Cindy Johnson or Peter Acebedo.
I have had Acebedo and Johnson help me twice with two totally different situations. In both cases they were very professional and I was very happy with the advise and service I received.


An astute lawyer
Beforehand, I sent him a short summary of my case. During the consultation, he asked for further details, then presented me with the arguments that the opposing party would probably use against me. He then followed it up with some good advice which has led me to re-think my position, and come up with a ‘creative’ solution to the dispute.


Brilliant, absolutely Brilliant!
Pierre represented me in a business dispute many years ago. It was extremely complicated involving multiple contracts and interpretation and trial strategy. His insight was both on point and astute given the both the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience he and his team has. As a result of his tenacity and intelligence, we were able to turn the case around to a successful outcome. I wholeheartedly recommend Pierre's services and am confident that you would not be disappointed. He brings a certain genius and creativity in a profession that sorely lacks it.


Strategic legal counsel
I hired Pierre a few years ago and he did a fantastic job. Recently, I hired another firm to handle some legal work for me that was outside the legal expertise of Pierre. That law firm was well versed in its specific area of law, but lacked the "street smarts" necessary in the litigation portion of the case. As a result, I hired Pierre to oversee the progress of our case and provide strategic counsel. Once he took over the legal strategy, we were able to get the upper hand and went on to prevail.


Better out come than I could have ever expected.
I hired Pierre and his firm regarding a trade secret matter. This can be a very difficult area of law, especially regarding the type of information we were trying to protect. However Pierre and his firm built a very strong case. Through their investigative work and persistent digging, they were able to discover and document the necessary information that ultimately allowed for a successful resolution of the matter. I was very satisfied with the work and the outcome.


Lake front shoreline
My husband and I are very pleased with the work Mr. Acebedo did for us when we had a shoreline issue. We needed to prove that there had been an existing waterfront with a beach and he proceeded to find the right person to test the property and was able to prove we had an earlier beach. This saved us from having to remove our new beach and save lots of costly work that we would have had to do. Thank you so much for you diligent hard work and wonderful results.


Stellar Service
I recently retained Pierre for some work on an obscure real estate easement issue. He was extremely knowledgeable and advised my wife and I on a prudent course of action, keeping us well-informed all through the process. I would highly recommend Pierre's services.