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Real Estate Law and Contract Law

Evaluating contracts and real estate matters to determine obligations owed and identifying options available to the client. Also, the drafting of contracts for future protection in business, real estate, and/or personal matters.

Titles and Deeds, Including Quiet Title

Ensuring Clear Ownership: We assist clients in  addressing title defects and clarifying ownership in property disputes. If necessary, we pursue quiet title actions to establish clear and marketable ownership rights.

Personal Restraining Orders

Civil protection where a person is threatened or feels threatened by the actions of another.

Construction Defects

Addressing Quality and Defect Issues: If you discover construction defects in your property, we assist you in pursuing claims against contractors, developers, or other parties responsible for the defects.

Revocation of License

Protecting Your Livelihood: If your license is at risk of being revoked, we provide guidance to assess the situation, explore defenses, and advocate for your rights. Our goal is to help you maintain your license and livelihood.


Challenging Decisions: Our team handles both court appeals as well as administrative appeals. We represent your interests on District Court Appeals, Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court appeals, as well as for administrative appeals before boards, commissions, and administrative bodies.

DSHS, APS, Labor and Industries, Municipal Issues

Comprehensive Advocacy: We have experience dealing with agencies such as DSHS, APS, Labor and Industries, and municipalities. Whether you are facing licensing issues, regulatory challenges, or compliance concerns.

Cindy A. Johnson

Founder, Partner

Pierre E. Acebedo

Founder, Partner